4 Reasons Your Deck is Pulling Away and Howto Fix Them

4 Reasons Your Deck is Pulling Away and Howto Fix Them

Incorrectly built decks are hazards that could injure you if left unfixed. Do you suspect that your deck is pulling away from your house?

It’s time you start evaluating the entire area and fix it before the deck is beyond repair. Here are problems you should watch for and remedy before it’s too late.

1. Loose Ledger

Loose ledgers are a common problem we find during our inspections. A well-fixed deck must be tightly fastened to the ledger board to be secure.

When the loose ledgers result from the poor DIY installation, you can remedy this by unbolting the ledgers and fastening them correctly into the framing. In the event of decay or cracks, replacing the entire ledger is the ideal solution.

2. Missing or incorrect nails in the joist hangers

The joist hanger has several holes that you must fill with nails during installation. Most deck installers fix a few nails that will hold the ledger board but forget to drive the remaining nails in the deck.

The solution is to fix every hole in the deck with the recommended nails. It’s advisable to use corrosion-resistant, galvanized, fat, short nails or joist hangers during installation.

3. Disintegrating piers

It’s common for the concrete to crack, disintegrate, and crumble. Always check for the concrete’s condition and the diameter within the piers if you notice the decks falling.

Remove the crumbling concrete, fill the area, and ensure that the distance between the piers is three times wider for sufficient support. You could also remove the entire deck and start fixing correctly.

4. Weak or rotten posts

Decks usually are supported with stronger wooden posts that are not prone to bending, twisting, warping, or splitting. However, the posts may start rotting and weakening as they soak up water and can no longer support the deck as desired.

If you are grappling with this, replacing the posts is ideal. Opt for the latest ones with a concrete base to prevent water soaking and treat them for pressure to hold the deck’s weight for extended periods.

Let Deck Restoration Experts Handle It

You can forget about the risks that result from pulling off decks by trusting a company that has been focusing on deck restoration and staining services for years. If your deck starts to pull away from your house, our team of experienced professionals can help to restore it. Call us today or book an appointment online.

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