If you own a home and are fortunate enough to have a deck at your residence, it may be your favorite spot. They are also perfect spots for outdoor enjoyment and entertainment. Unfortunately, decks are the most abused because of their outdoor location, and thus they will need maintenance and repairs throughout the years. Constantly inspect your deck properly to check and repair flaws before it’s too late. This article shall discuss the common signs that your decks need repair.

Presence of rusted fittings and fixtures

You should check underneath your deck to ensure the fixtures are still holding it together. Decks that are decades old are weakened by age and weather elements. These factors can weaken the deck’s structural ability and are hazardous to your family. Be sure to replace any rusted and broken fitting as early as possible.

Visible damage to the wood.

Wood gets damaged by elements such as rain and insects and has been in use over the years. The presence of cracks in the wood, broken boards, and splinters is a sign that it needs to be replaced for your deck to be sturdy, not wobbly.

Rot in the woods.

Rotten wood can destabilize your deck as it can break easily. Carefully inspect your entire deck, replace any rotten wood, and make sure you use quality wood sealant to be durable.

Rickety or wobbly railing

Always look out for loose railings as they can tumble off and be a safety hazard for kids, especially if it is highly elevated. You should ensure that railing posts are fastened tightly to the deck and shouldn’t be unsteady in case of extensive damage, like rot or rust on the railings. At Clean windows, our specialists serve customers with a wide range of quality services and will make your home look better at an affordable price and the shortest time possible. For more information on keeping your deck in the best shape possible, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website, clean windows to get our best services.

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