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Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

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Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Deck Restoration Service

Your deck is one of the most beautiful additions to your home. From afternoons spent entertaining guests, reading a book, and throwing barbecues, your deck is a versatile space that can bring you so much joy.
Unfortunately, adverse weather conditions such as sun rays, pests, rain, and snow can gradually wear down the finish on your wood deck. And if neglected or left untreated, your wood will only wear down more and more, diminishing the value and look of your deck. Fortunately, our professional restoration services at Deck-Delta are here to keep it looking new.

Signs That Your Deck Needs Restoration

  • Old, Grey Wood

If your wood has a gross look, it’s probably time to have it restored. This could include faded coloring, dull finish, or graying wood.

  • Mildew and Mold

If your deck is growing mildew, fungus, or mold, it’s probably not repelling water correctly. Mold and mildew may grow because water is getting inside the wood fibers and moistening the wood.

  • Flaking or Peeling Paint

If there are areas where stain or paint is peeling off the wood, it’s a sure sign that the paint is no longer shielding the deck. This might be because the deck was inadequately finished – without drying or being washed correctly before painting.

  • Absorbing Water

The stain, as well as the finish on your deck, ought to repel the water off the wood. If a small proportion of water drops on the wood, it should bead up as well as pool around it, hindering the wood from absorbing and retaining moisture. If you realize that your deck is absorbing water, chances are, you need to add a new protective layer.

Final Thoughts

If you can check off any of the above signs, now is the time to restore your deck.
Get in touch with us at Deck-Delta, and let’s help you restore your valuable wood deck to its original, bright, natural, and clean look. We look forward to working with you!


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